Wednesday, September 2, 1970

Fig. 015

From an interview with the Great Admiral Admiral, in response to the question "What do you think of the court's claims against you?":

It was Sunday morning. His voice rang through the building. He was weaving a story. A beautiful story of a man full of love. It was Sunday morning. The man wanted everyone to accept his way of love. This, of course, would not happen. And those who wouldn't accept started to grow angry at this mans public displays of affection. It was Sunday morning. So they hung him. But this man's message of love was carried on. Turns out he had inspired some folks. It was Sunday morning. These folks, though, they liked his message so much that they began to fight for it. A bit counter productive. They carried out wars in his message. They killed for his message. His message of love. It was Sunday mourning.