Monday, October 12, 1970

Fig. 020

From a brief conversation I had with a bum.

I call it a pillow. The pavement. Cold. I have a strong distaste for cement. It's not comfortable. I hate sleeping here. Boxes for blankets, it's just no good. And fuck what some prick who owns a restaurant says. Those dumpsters don't belong to nobody. I'll take from them as I please. The idiot throws away perfectly good food, and I eat like a king. Aside from my pillow, it's not so bad. I just need a pillow. I like being homeless. You got nobody to report to. The food is good. Sure, rainy nights are kinda bad, but you get through them. You don't need anything else. They let me read at the library. I've read a lot of books. I like it. But yea. Thanks for the change pal. Have a good one.

I went to a local furniture store and bought him a pillow immediately after this exchange.