Sunday, October 18, 1970

Fig. 022

From a tape transcription. The origin of the tape is still very unknown, but our scientists are working around the clock to figure it out.

A kid. He was just a kid. But drop from the world. I dare you. How many kids does it take? We watch him slide from the pallet and fall to the Earth. We hate him for his youth and vitality. Do you even understand. He has what you had. You could find it again inside of him, and yet you show him your scorn. Fall apart. I dare you. Allow his tempting soul to twist and tangle with yours. A game, free for the taking. You'll not succeed though. We don't play that way. We have a whole new method. Success. There is no such thing. There never was. It was all an elaborate April fool. They got you. Your world was rocked. Show me your mind, mangled with disdain. Tell me where you are from. Tell me all that you have done. Spill your guts, lest this knife do it for you. Welcome to the world we live in. You were always here, you just couldn't come in. Well here is you invitation, we expect an RSVP. I must leave now. The captain beckons and I am his. Enjoy your dolls until I return. Be the boy.