Friday, October 30, 1970

Fig. 024

The last call of a man beaten apart by harpies and sirens.

I've been looking around trying to figure out exactly where I went wrong. I was turning this town all upside down, oh what was I to do? You let me hang it all out when what you wanted was in and just be leaving alone, so I was ripping apart and trying to get a head start. Trouble was I set behind me all the tools that I need and now I'm slipping away. Oh my chest is on fire while it's collapsing my heart and burning me to the ground, so the devil slips out and he starts calling you name and you start playing his game. Tell me right now how you found out and started moving around when the dark was oh so loud and wouldn't let you shout but I still heard your words. "Back away my son, I'm blowing down this wall and we'll be setting it free. Your hands are mine and I will do what I wish so you can shut your mouth. Forget all that you've seen." But my eyes were wide so I never saw a thing and in forgetting it brings all the things that I did not need. Now I'm looking around trying figure out how to leave it behind...