Monday, November 2, 1970

Fig. 025

The Admiral resurfaces?


You are so gone away. I've got the hypocrites all down and sreaming. They lost their faith in everything they never believed in. They saw you down and out and up and in and they shook like straw that billowed softly in the wind. I called you a dream and then shook myself from sleep. I ripped your cold dark grasp from me and now you are failed. You lived around me and when you tried to take back your own life it was gone. I never held on to it because you never asked me to. You wanted so badly for me to believe it wasn't the center. Well now I know, and you seem to have forgotten. My life does not revolve around you. You do not have rights to distribution. How dare you become angry with me when I tell you my business at last minute? Should you not be satisfied in the fact that I told you at all? I will stop here for fear of tearing apart anything we might still be. Never again to be what we were, but we still have a shot at something. A friend in me will be here.

No longer yours to claim,
Admiral Admiral