Tuesday, November 3, 1970

Fig. 027

From an interview with the Admiral.

It said to tell it of a yearning. How dare such a small, feeble thing demand so much of me? I yearn for so much. How can I choose one to tell of? The most recent. I'll display the most recent. But now how do I describe it. A thin neckline, but so much more than that. It's that point at the bottom of the ear where it attaches to the neck. It's the way the shoulder seems to curve perfectly. Too often the most beautiful curves are ignored for the ones to be considered voluptuous. And your collar bone. You are all too aware of how attracted to such a thing I am, and yours is perfect. The feel of it when I run it's course with my fingers. I am astounded. Do not allow the thought of this being a carnal yearning. It is so much more than that. It is a simple need to hold you close. To know that I have the right to claim you as my own. It is a yearning to do so every night and be amazed every night by you.

It is to be noted that halfway through his rant he begins to address someone clearly not there at the time.