Wednesday, November 4, 1970

Fig. 029

Another piece from an interview after the announcement of the Admiral's trial.

It was postmarked Pocatello. How had they found me. I have never been hidden from the public, but no one ever knew where I was before. And certainly not them. They knew what I had done. I began to hyperventilate. I opened the parcel. All that was in it were a knife and a note. A note that read "You know what we want." Such a terrifying thing to write. Of course it was obvious. But was it? How did I really know? I could be quick to assume, though I knew what they asked was impossible. It was unfair of them anyway. I was not responsible for her end. Just her beginning. How dare they let me be the downfall of their poor mistake? I will not let them take me. Not alive, and we know that's the only option anyway.