Wednesday, November 18, 1970

Fig. 032

I found this one carved into a tree. I'm mostly amazed that someone took the time to carve all of that out. The lettering was beautiful and ornate. It's truly the work of an artist.

"If It Moves, Kiss It"

The children are breaking down around us
Cogs stopped spinning by the smallest offset
The days seem to pass a good bit quicker
I've not seen you and I'm feeling better
December fifteenth my lungs set to failing
The sickness finally wants its earnings
So I will draw in my last breath
I hope you're listening to my final words
I spit and sputter and make no sense
But surely I loved you til the end
I finally let you crawl inside me
Take your spade and dig in deeper
The further you crawl the happier I'll be
'Cause you're the reason that I've stopped writing
Call it a blessing, I know that I do
But my future is ending now that I have you
Words are slipping and forming together
A drunken sailor says his goodbyes
My son, it's over and I must go
I can't imagine a world without him
But I'll carry on his old legend
We switched the viewpoint and I stopped bleeding
We flipped the lights on and you stopped weeping
All is well now, just give me your hand
The ocean needs a brand new captain
To the sea I'll take with the world behind me
A cradle left empty and dusty
With a sullen wish to fill it soon
But a world in need means it's waiting
Please forgive me for taking orders
I hope you're listening to this goodbye
I promise that it's not forever
I spit and sputter and make no sense
With a promise to love you to the very end