Saturday, January 2, 1971

Fig. 036

The old man inside me remains bitter and cold
He hates how you deceived him and how he's gonna die
He left behind his history, but how he wants it back
Love has been denied him and he's screaming for the ocean
The salt inside his lungs is a welcoming embrace
Oh, you could have held him close but now he is just gone
I miss that little piece of me that you took away
Oh it meant so much back then, not just a tattered rag
Why'd you say that I could keep it when you knew it wasn't true?
Why did I keep bleeding when I knew it'd just come through?
I gave up all belongings for a ship inside a bottle
Message status: not received, and now all hope is lost
So long to this old city, your streets did have my soul
Your river captured my heart, and your people took my life
That sounds so much harsher than it ever was
I loved each and every one for everything they stole

Now I must part
To reinvent myself
It's time to start again
I'm back up on the shelf